Our repair service offers a broad range of customer-oriented services.

We will repair minor mold damages either on site or in one of our service centers. We also know how to increase the service life of your molds with well-planned measures.

The basic reconditioning of your molds is carried out in one of our service centers. Please include a dispatch note when returning a mold for servicing. We will inspect your mold thoroughly and submit a binding offer of our services.

Variant 1

Mold reconditioning on site by our technical experts minimizes production standstills due to wear or damage, saves transportation costs and does not occupy your staff. 

Variant 2

Repair tamper shoes are milled exactly to the existing cavity dimensions of the used mold minus optimal shoe fitting. They are hardened with the »carbo™« treatment.

Variant 3

Worn bottom edge of mold.

Variant 4

Bottom edge of mold and cavity walls are welded as required to appropriate hardness.

Variant 5

Worn bottom edge of mold and cavity walls.

Variant 6

Expert reconditioning of bottom edge of mold and cavity walls.



  • Cleaning and checking each mold for the specific reconditioning effort.
  • Reconditioning the lower edge of the mold bottom.
  • Changing tamper shoes, fitting and assembling included.
  • Rewelding cracks in frame and tamper head.
  • Reconditioning swords and shoes.
  • Face grinding tamper heads and mold bottoms.
  • Overhauling hydraulic molds.
  • Reconditioning rails.
  • Retrofitting complete molds to different machine type.