RFID – New industry standard

Since Juni 2019, Kobra equips all its concrete block molds with RFID (radio frequency identification) tags – a transmitter/receiver system for the non-contact localisation of objects using radio waves. In combination with the corresponding software the stock of molds in the concrete block plant can be comprehensively managed.

At bauma2019 OGS Datenverarbeitung und Systemberatungs GmbH has presented the OGSiD MMS program (OGSiD Mould Management System) with which the users know at all times, for example, where a mold is located, how many cycles have already been produced, when maintenance is necessary or which projects it is planned to be used for in the coming weeks. Kobra was involved as an industrial partner in the development of the mold software and was concerned with the testing of the RFID tag on concrete block molds as well as with their identification by means of scanning.