Best in service life.

»Longlife™« FEATURE molds have additional cavities between the cavity and frame components that optimize hardness. In the entire mold bottom, there are no welds directly in contact with the hardened cavity that produces a stone. 

The surface hardness in the mold bottom is completely preserved and enables longer mold service lives. Quenched and tempered bolted wear plates follow the top edge of the mold insert cleanly and exactly, and facilitate the reparability of bolted and welded frame options.

Facts & Advantages:

  • additional cavities between the mold insert and frame for uniform hardness development
  • no mold-weakening welds in the mold bottom
  • minimized risk of cracking and fracturing
  • suitable for bolted and welded frame types

The matching frame for any insert.

Technologies with Longlife™.

All KOBRA technologies are united under the brand KOBRA POWER. The construction of the concrete block mold depends on the stone systems to be manufactured as well as the individual conditions in the plant. Therefore, for each product type exist a matching technology, which is adapted to the products processes specific demands.