Stone design

Stone designTM

Concrete blocks are a means for designing urban and rural spaces.


Stone development

Concrete blocks are a means for designing urban and rural spaces and are distinguished from other building materials in that the individual combinations of design and functionality provide for limitless possibilities. All kinds of different formats and surfaces can be achieved within a block system.

Turning ideas into concrete products requires a high degree of creativity along with technical knowledge of the development and production process. Our designers implement their ideas in producible concrete block systems and are there to advise you during the development phase.

Intellectual property rights
Many new developments are protected by our customers with national and international intellectual property rights.
Data management
We work with modern CAD and CAM programs, in which each step of the block development process is archived.


Stone design

Production of a prototype can be easily implemented by KOBRA. Here, KOBRA offers several options during the development phase. On the one hand, a physical 3D-model can be made, in which the properties of the block are visibly detailed.
3D printing
Our design team creates a three-dimensional model for you, which can be opened in PDF format.
Data transfer
Among other things, we can support you with renderings, stone drawings or complete installation views.


Test production

When launching a new product, different production parameters must be taken into account and adjusted until the block has the required material properties and look.

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Stone Design

Individual stone development

Working in close consultation with the customer,sketches, images, natural stones or 2D templates are used to create true-to-scale block modules in virtual 3D drawings.

We provide you with designs and data of individual blocks and board assignments.

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