Boltline 1™

Boltline 1™

Modular design - just perfect results.

POWER »Boltline 1™« is used for all high products, such as hollow block, solid block, curb and round curb molds.

Boltline 1™

The insert is made from individual walls, which are pinned and bolted together and can be independently replaced in case of repair. The four-piece frame is also mounted around the insert with bolted joints and can be reused when replacing wearing parts. The wear plates can also be easily replaced with this system.

For hollow block molds the modular concept is implemented up to the core assembly. It is made up of individual elements bolted together. If one core is defective, it can be replaced without major effort.

Facts & advantages:

  • Maximum mold accuracy due to internal KOBRA quality standard
  • Modular concept for greater flexibility and cost efficiency in your production
  • Fitted and bolted joints for targeted replacement of wearing parts
  • Continuous hardness structure without weld
  • High degree of mold accuracy and low wear due to FORM »Optimill carbo™« and FORM »Optimill carbo 68 plus™«

The matching frame for any insert.

Molds with Boltline 1™.

Years ago, KOBRA was the first mold maker in the industry to revolutionize the manufacturing of concrete block molds by implementing its proprietary milling technology. We have set a new level of quality with our products.

Our experienced staff use state-of-the-art technology in a customer-oriented way to develop and manufacture your reliable tool for first-grade concrete products – for any paver or block and for any block making machine, 100% reproducible.

Curbs primarily have functional properties for their use as strict separation of areas with different vertical alignments. At the same time, they can be produced with project-specific color and format.

Hollow blocks and foundation blocks combine high stability and solidity with low weight. Fixed joints are produced, which satisfy high structural standards.

Particular projects require individual solutions. Do you need curbs with vertical and horizontal displacement protection, large format systems with false joints or contours in the underside of the block?

Wall and soil retention blocks can be used for multifunctional purposes and are of central importance both in private and public spaces as design and functional elements.

For perfect results

Best in precision

With the KOBRA hardness standards, extremely high hardness can be achieved and thus particularly robust and wear-resistant concrete block molds can be produced. Different hardening processes are used, depending on the mold technology, helping to achieve smooth production processes.

Further development of the in-house carbo hardening technology enables the surface hardness to be increased to 68 HRC.

All hardness standards labeled Optimill have milled cavity walls in the mold insert, which ensure perfect angularity in the cavity. The tolerances are smaller than +/- 0.3mm. The more exact and smooth the cavity, the more exact the block!

»Optimill nitroTM« MOLD describes the nitriding process that can be used primarily for mold inserts that are high, welded and are particularly susceptible to warping.

For specific requirements

Best in pracitcal details

The stone´s product quality can be increased by the installation of KOBRA FEATURES into the concrete block mold. Each product has its individual and special demands on the mold. In order to meet these requirements, we have developed useful features, which optimally support your production processes.

The FEATURE »Flexshoe™« is a useful compacting aid, especially for large format products and special formats. The tamper shoes are mounted on rubber supports which ensure improved compacting results and higher block surface qualities.

The »Headguide™« FEATURE ensures absolutely correct and centered installation of the overall mold in the machine and thus protects particularly sensitive mini chamfers on large-format tamper shoes.

With the »Hotshoe™« FEATURE, which consists of heatable tamper shoes and an integrated temperature control device, verifiably higher surface qualities can be achieved on the concrete block.

The »Multigroove™« FEATURE describes holding grooves in the insert walls, which hold the block while the mold lifts up from the production board.

The single piece »Singlebolt™« plunger is the logical continuation of the KOBRA modular system.