From the 3D model to the finished product

Production of a prototype can be easily implemented by KOBRA. Here, KOBRA offers several options during the development phase. On the one hand, a physical 3D-model can be made, in which the properties of the block are visibly detailed. On the other hand, sample tamper shoes or even a complete test mold can be produced, so that you can produce the finished concrete block in a test process. These options help you to visualize the end product better and thus serve as a decision-making aid for the final stone.

3D printing

Producing prototypes

You would like to view your block from all sides, although the actual production has not yet started? Our design team creates a three-dimensional model for you, which can be opened in PDF format. If required, it is also possible to produce the physical 3D print of a block module. This means that you can hold your product in your hands before the actual production has started.

Test production

Sample tamper shoes under real conditions

Data transfer

We support you with the marketing

When launching a new product, different production parameters must be taken into account and adjusted until the block has the required material properties and look. Digital and physical 3D models help to make it easier to imagine the end product.
With the help of sample tamper shoes, which are mounted on existing concrete block molds, the end product can be tested and optimized under real production conditions. If the introduction of a completely new stone system is planned, especially if several molds of the same type will be used, test production with a complete test mold can be useful.

Your block is still in the development phase and your marketing department is already starting marketing measures for the new product? Then we will be pleased to help you and provide materials from our design department. Among other things, we can support you with renderings, stone drawings or complete installation views.