Flamecut carbo 68 plus™

Flamecut carbo 68 plus™

Best in precision.

Improvement in the wear resistance of concrete block molds with completely flame cut and manually polished cavity walls is achieved using the »Flamecut carbo 68 plus™« hardening process which, depending on the production parameters in the precasting plant, can make a decisive contribution to extending the service life.

The disadvantages of conventionally flame-cut molds are eliminated by the carbo hardening process, which doubles the protective effect of the mold casing by an all-round hardness depth of 1.2mm.

Facts & Advantages:

  • Highest quality standard for hardness and wear resistance through further development of the carbo hardening process
  • Hardness quality 68 HRC
  • Homogeneous hardness depth 1.2mm
  • Suitable for rustic briquet and tumbled pavers

The matching frame for any insert.

Technologies with Flamecut carbo 68 plus™.

All KOBRA technologies are united under the brand KOBRA POWER. The construction of the concrete block mold depends on the stone systems to be manufactured as well as the individual conditions in the plant. Therefore, for each product type exist a matching technology, which is adapted to the products processes specific demands.

Unlike the other design options of this technology, POWER »Moduline 3™« has a stable one-piece frame, which is bolted onto the insert vertically.

The mold bottom of a POWER »Moduline 2™«- mold is made up of only three components – the insert, the flanges and the wear plates.