Support on site

Support on site

Quality through support

Our globally operating service team is always ready to assist you when needed. With many years of experience and practical methods of measurement, we optimize the interaction between the mold and machine directly on site. Our support measures improve product quality and help to reduce wear of concrete block mold and other machine components.

High-speed camera

Problem areas of various components cannot be identified with the naked eye.

Due to the vibration loading forces of the mold in the concrete block machine, potential problem areas of various components cannot be identified with the naked eye.

Here the effect often lies in the detail. High-speed imaging makes visible parameters that are hardly perceptible to the human eye but are essential for the production process; these can then be analyzed in order to correct the process settings. These images are taken and evaluated directly on site by service employees.

My Calibration

Minimize mold wear

Vibrating bar measurement

Correct the vibrating bar settings

To minimize mold wear, we offer you comprehensive advice on adjusting the necessary machine setup for your mold. In this way, your process and machine settings can be optimized to ensure the production of high-quality concrete products.

To do this, we use acceleration measurement sensors to analyze the dynamic behavior of your mold in the machine during the compaction process. Accelerations, speeds, amplitudes and frequency spectra are tested and calibrated.

Unevenly set vibrating bars on the vibrating table cause fluctuating compaction processes and different block heights. To measure and correct the vibrating bar settings on the vibrating table, our service vehicles are equipped with a measuring device for electronic spacing measurement.


Repairs in the precasting plant

Repair minor damage

In addition to the planned service and replacement of wear parts, we also repair minor damage to the mold directly in the production plant. This saves you transportation costs and delays in your production.

We can use targeted measures to extend the service life of your molds:

Welding of cracks
Reconditioning of the mold’s bottom edge
Repair of damaged chamfers
Replacement of worn tamper shoes
Welding or replacement of broken tamper head plungers
Start-up service for heated and special molds