Optiflame carbo™

Optiflame carbo™

Best in precision.

Optiflame describes the use of milling and tried and tested flame-cutting technology together in a mold. The cavity contours are flame cut, the base layout is precisely milled.

By using high-quality steel, we achieve homogeneous hardness with a constant surface quality.

Facts & Advantages:

  • Hardness, dimensional accuracy and wear resistance through the carbo hardening process
  • Hardness quality 62+2/-0 HRC
  • Homogeneous hardness depth 1.2mm
  • Base milled to precise dimensions for high pattern accuracy

The matching frame for any insert.

Technologies with Optiflame carbo™.

All KOBRA technologies are united under the brand KOBRA POWER. The construction of the concrete block mold depends on the stone systems to be manufactured as well as the individual conditions in the plant. Therefore, for each product type exist a matching technology, which is adapted to the products processes specific demands.

POWER »Replace™« was developed for the production of small series products. The frame and insert in the mold bottom are joined by a retainer lock.

The mold bottom of a POWER »Moduline 2™«- mold is made up of only three components – the insert, the flanges and the wear plates.

On the outsides of a POWER »Dynamic 1™« mold there are all round trapeziums, via which the vibrating insert is clamped in bolted frame elements by means of a rubber bearing.