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The »Multigroove™« FEATURE describes holding grooves in the insert walls, which hold the block while the mold lifts up from the production board.

There are four standard options available to choose from, depending on the block dimensions. Inquire about individual holding systems. »Multigroove1™« describes the classic all round groove in the cavity. »Multigroove2™« is characterized by its inclined holding grooves. »Multigroove3™« describes point holding grooves »Multigroove4™« is a negative tapered cavity with holding grooves. The tapering of the block cavities fixes the blocks in the mold. The mold walls remain smooth and ensure perfect demolding performance.

Facts & Advantages:

  • improved retention of the stones in the concrete block mold until the demolding process
  • can also be used with draw-plates and products with bottom profiling
  • product-specific retention systems

The matching frame for any insert.

Technologies with Multigroove™.

All KOBRA technologies are united under the brand KOBRA POWER. The construction of the concrete block mold depends on the stone systems to be manufactured as well as the individual conditions in the plant. Therefore, for each product type exist a matching technology, which is adapted to the products processes specific demands.

KOBRA developed the POWER »Solidline 1™« for products such as slope stabilization blocks.

Unlike the other design options of this technology, POWER »Moduline 3™« has a stable one-piece frame, which is bolted onto the insert vertically.

POWER »Boltline 1™« is used for all high products, such as hollow block, solid block, curb and round curb molds.

The mold bottom of the POWER »Basicline 2™« comprises a precisely machined mold insert made of block material with all-round cavities shaped to hold the flange assemblies including rails.