Stone development

Stone development

Individual stone development

Working in close consultation with the customer, sketches, images, natural stones or 2D templates are used to create true-to-scale block modules in virtual 3D drawings. A photo is sufficient to create different surface modeling, shapes and geometries.

We provide you with designs and data of individual blocks, block systems, laying patters and board assignments. For example, in this way color gradients can be visualized and used to determine the suitable color pallet for the product range.

Information about individual stone developments

There are no limits to the imagination.

The diversification of surfaces has increased sharply in the international market, which is why KOBRA works with modern CAD and CAM programs and can create varied surface options, at times with very intricate elements. There are no limits to the imagination. To ensure problem-free production of new developments, the producibility, and ability to stack and package each product are clarified during the development phase. KOBRA currently has an archive of more than 5,000 surfaces. In this context, the visual variety of products can also be increased by introducing a variety of different surfaces to the stone system.

Intellectual property rights

We protect our customer

Data management

The most modern graphics programs are used

Our designers work with our international customers on around 2,000 blocks and block systems per year. Many new developments are protected by our customers with national and international intellectual property rights.
During the development phase of a new product, we naturally check whether potential complications exist regarding the property rights of other companies. A block system that affects existing property rights is only possible with the approval of the rights holder. Our IP rights department is available to advise you regarding such matters.

We work with modern CAD and CAM programs, in which each step of the block development process is archived. This means that changes to the block model as well as the reproduction of the entire concrete block mold are possible even after many years.