Today we are glad to introduce you to a current KOBRA project: Our Technology Symposium Workshops.

The concept has developed from our in-house exhibition “Technology Symposium”. This event takes place regularly for our international customers at our headquarters in Lengenfeld. Unfortunately the event had to be cancelled in the last two years. That is why since 2021 we bring the symposium directly to our customers.

Our Head of Marketing Stefanie Schaarschmidt develops customer-specific workshops which provide insights into international stone design trends and surface design. Furthermore it also covers many technical aspects of mold technology and stone construction.

These workshops have already been held in various sales territories, including the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

For this purpose, Steffi (Head of Marketing), Andreas (Head of Sales) and Anton (Sales UAE) traveled to Al Sultan Industrial Cement in Abu Dhabi in January. Since 1982, the company produces concrete blocks and is currently working on the “Al Qana” project. Together with sales and production managers, current design trends and their technical realization were presented and discussed.

With the workshops, we provide an exclusive and flexible service that contributes to the development of the concrete industry and most importantly, strengthens the cooperation with our customers.

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